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carbon free

Barriertec’s first mandate is to recover the paper fibres to preserve trees. Recycling is also key to reducing our carbon footprint; we need to prioritize the fibre; it needs to be recovered, not just thrown away or composted.  

Innovation is at the heart of the company, so our water-based protective barriers are PFAS-free and designed with natural and durable materials. 


Barriertec’s founder, Mr. Dandenault, has succeeded in bringing you one of the most environmentally friendly packaging solutions available. So, take the green step, be the change, be repulpable!

The IT’S ON technology is more sustainable, making it possible to remove fibre-based packaging from landfills NOW! 


no waste, no harm


BARRIERTEC joins the era of solutions with a business model of circularity and innovation by joining the Carbon-Leadership action plan presented by Quebec's Council of Sustainable Industries (CSI).

The Carbon Metrics tools will allow us to control the overall efficiency rate and determine where the waste areas effectively reduce GHG and other damages for every packaging product.

We will get a green and decarbonized supply chain from eco-design through their data collection tools such as :

  1. Primary material (paper, cardboard and chemistry (less polluting material) 

  2. Production (energy, clean technology and reduction of production waste (wastewater))

  3. Logistics and transport (distribution)

  4. Valorization of the product (life cycle, repulpability, recycling).

Certifications, attestations and international accreditations will then be awarded to us and will improve the product development with our partners in the packaging industry.

Plantation d'arbres

Let's Work Together for the
future of nature.

We wanted to do more for our planet, so we decided we had to collaborate on a reforestation program. 

By recycling and repulp our packaging, we can protect trees and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that can contribute to climate change. However, we know that some of our packagings will still end up in landfill, so we decided to take part in a reforestation program. We want to keep trees growing because it is one of the best options for our future. This program is already underway, and we look forward to engaging with our partners and customers soon. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Décharge publique


Recycling paper saves millions of trees and vast amounts of water.

Paper packaging is one of the easiest to recycle without a plastic coating.

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