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Do you produce packaging?

We provide high-performance barrier solutions that we develop with partners and manufacturers of paper and cardboard packaging. The finished products are not sold by us but by our partners or your suppliers.

Is your barrier able to resist grease and oil? 

Yes, our barriers resist fats and oils, such as frying fat or chicken fat. We can create barriers according to your specifications and your needs. 

Does your barrier resist cold, heat and humidity?

Indeed, our barrier can withstand both cold and hot liquids, such as a coffee cup or a jar of ice cream. We have also designed a shipping envelope that can stay outside in the rain for more than 5 hours. 

Are your products recyclable?

All our products are 100% recyclable and are FDA-certified and PFAS-free. We prefer to use the term REPULPABLE because we can reuse the fibre without affecting the recycling chain. 

Are your products compostable? 

Since the packaging is coated with a thin, durable, sustainable barrier layer, it is compostable. But, recyclability is key to reducing our carbon footprint; we need to prioritize the fibre; it needs to be recovered, not just thrown away or composted.  

Do you have a large distribution network?

We have partners in Canada, the United States, South America and Europe. In addition, we have formed partnerships with different companies that allow us to offer paper transformation, storage and distribution services to our customers.

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