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Factory Floor with Two Workers
Factory Floor with Two Workers


We are proud to announce a new collaboration between Barriertec and STAHL, the world leader in coatings and treatments for flexible materials. Eager to access the most advanced technology in repulpability, they have chosen Barriertec's Quebec technology. Thanks to this new collaboration, we are now part of a vast network offering one of the world's most effective repulpable packaging solutions.


We have partners worldwide, in Canada, the United States, South America and Europe. In addition, we have formed partnerships with companies that allow us to offer our customers paper transformation, storage and distribution services.


We have opened a new unit dedicated to liquid products that will allow us to test our samples, develop new finishing products and manufacture various promotional products. In addition, thanks to our new BE CUP factory we will also be able to produce our new 100% repulpable paper coffee cups. This production will be able to respond to the needs local market and above all to present to all the major chains a greener and more sustainable product offer.


We create high-performance barrier solutions for carton and paper packaging partners. We are dedicated to removing all contaminants in processing packaging products, such as polyethylene, wax and silicone.


We are developing packaging that could revolutionize many markets: coffee cups,  milk containers, bagless cereal boxes, self-sealing paper freezer bags, ice cream and yogurt containers, and postal delivery bags. Our portfolio is primarily in the food industry, but we get requests from all over; from the industrial sector, agriculture, cosmetics and even fashion.


We have a global vision of industry needs and requirements and a strong knowledge of the technical specifications of the paper industry. We have over 35 years of worldwide experience in the pulp and paper industry.


We have formed strategic alliances worldwide and are proud to work with companies that care about the environment as much as we do. We are fortunate to work with large institutions that allow us to see other untapped opportunities to go even further, always with the same vision to protect, create and innovate.

Take the green step, be the change


How easy is it to do?

IT'S ON technology is flexible and adaptable to existing installations; you can apply it to any system before or after printing. We work with partners to carry out the coating and strategic alliances to make the finished products. 

Is it worth it?

The most significant impact is in our process, technology and the thin layer we apply to the paper. A unique approach allows for rapid pre-commercialization while being competitive for the manufacturer and large consumers. In addition to having access to a new technology, 100% repulpable and recyclable. We want to add this; IT WILL NOT BE MORE EXPENSIVE!

Custom-made barriers

BARRIERTEC’s high barrier coated packaging solutions are uniquely versatile, and our lightweight coating delivers multiple-barrier levels at once. They are custom-built according to the requirements of your packaging.

All the possibility

We offer unique barriers that have the protective properties of multilayer films. We can use specific barriers in our process that prevents the migration of mineral oils to food or cosmetics, for example, and have a barrier for oxygen and water vapour at the same time. We use clear coatings that can be printed or applied to the print, and it is also possible to use glue or make the packages self-sealing. 

For what use?

BARRIERTEC’s high barrier coated is perfect for all kinds of packaging, from sugar sachets to boxes for harvesting vegetables; there is no barrier to the size of the packaging. Our technology can keep products fresh longer and delivers a form fill and airtight sealed container. The water-based coatings are resistant to water vapour, oxygen, carbon dioxide, oil and grease.

Group Research i.d.

Our research laboratory will take care of all the technical aspects to offer you your green packaging! With our experience and equipment, we will be there to support you in our innovative approach.

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