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Be Cup

BE CUP is the world’s first fully integrated 100% repulpable and recyclable coffee cup factory

Looking to replace
your coffee cups?

We have chosen to embark on a new adventure, creating BE CUP, the world's first fully integrated, 100% repulpable, and 100% recyclable coffee cup factory. 


BARRIERTEC has solutions for cups and all packaging needs. We can work with distributors, manufacturers, and multinationals. We offer the easiest and most environmentally friendly way to protect your packaging. 


Why did we want to start this project?

We wanted to test our new liquid products division. We decided to make a small production of cups to meet the local demand. We also want to offer as soon as possible solutions to the needs of consumers that are respectful of the environment.

What do we mean by fully integrated?

We produce the chemistry through our research center, our paperboard is then processed in a joint venture, and we finish by manufacturing the cups at our new plant in Quebec. Our cups contain no plastic and no PLA; they are water, oil and grease resistant and suitable for hot or cold drinks.


In addition, when our cups are recycled, they are reused as primary fibre in the pulp and paper production cycle. Our fibre recovery rate is the highest we have ever achieved in our experience (99.3%), and the fibre has no contaminants.

Coffee cup repulpable



Our coffee cups are 100% repulpable and recyclable. They contain no plastic and no PLA. They are water, oil and grease resistant and are suitable for hot or cold drinks.

Available: 8, 10, 12 and 16 oz.



We will soon be able to offer our customers the possibility of replacing their plastic lids with cellulose lids. We have already approached some key partners in Europe and Quebec, and we are working on this project with a cellulose product innovation center to find the best solution.

lids repulpable

BE Cup’s mission is to offer a quality product, more environmentally friendly at a price that is competitive with polyethylene.


Innovation is at the company’s heart, so we have water-based protective barriers designed with sustainable components. We offer the most straightforward and greenest solution for environmental protection.

Together, we can keep all coffee cups and fibre-based packaging out of landfills! Larger chains are encouraged to take action. 

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