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A Research Centre

dedicated entirely
to repulpability

Group Research id

The heart of Barriertec is also a Research Centre where we can develop new products with and for our clients. With our technology, we have the opportunity to create teams on different platforms for collaboration and exchange ideas between researchers among our partners around the world. Major multinationals have chosen Barriertec's Group research i.d. to carry out their repulpable barrier projects.

Thanks to our network, we can forge strategic alliances to meet the demands of various sectors such as food, agriculture, textiles, cosmetics and industrial packaging. 

We hope to consolidate the strengths of each of our partners to form the most advanced research center specializing in repulpability. Our head office facilities will offer analysis services, access to instruments and state-of-the-art technologies.  

Barriertec our mission: Protect, create and innovate

For any questions, please contact our team;

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